This is the search of the Rabbit and Wheels jacket that President Jokowi wore in Lombok

MANDALIKA,– On Thursday January 13, 2022, Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) compensated a working stop by to the NTB in Mandalika, central Lombok, in a one of a kind watch.

travelling ring street Lombok from Zainuddin Abdul Majid Global Airport to Mandalika Exclusive Economic Zone (KEK) on a motorbike with a modified jacket (tailored) minimal edition with the G20 Indonesia topic.

As claimed on the formal internet site of the Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia, the jacket utilised by the president is the Rabbit and Wheels jacket, designed by a area company in Bandung City, with a predominantly black coloration and some dim eco-friendly accents on the sleeves. and shoulders.

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In front of the Jokow jacket is the inscription G20 Indonesia 2022 with the slogan “Hope alongside one another, hope more powerfulhooked up to the still left upper body. The jacket of the jacket maker is located on the correct chest.

The G20 Indonesia logo, a gunungan with a incredibly massive kawung-themed sample on the back, adds to the outstanding impression when President Jokowi wears it. Higher than is a text with a daring and optimistic slogan: Indonesia qualified prospects the way.

Rabbit and Wheels owner Irvan Octria mentioned the sample and textual content on the jacket have been a ask for from President Jokow. Also, President Jokowi also requested for other details in the type of the amount 76 as a indication of Indonesia’s age of independence.

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“You asked for the amount 76 under the jacket as a sign of Indonesia’s 76 years of independence. Embroidered on the product double internet with green and black shades and a Rabbit and Wheels jacket pattern appropriate for use on a personalized motorbike, Mr. President, ”Irvan stated.


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