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28/05/2021 17:48 h

The City Council of Lugo presented this Friday the programming of Arde Lucus 2021, which returns to the face-to-face mode, although with meaning. It will take place from Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 June and will be spread over more than twelve points in the city.

Thursday 17th

The lighting of the sacred fire of Vesta, which starts the historic party, will take place on Thursday 17th on social networks, although the Roman legions will enter in person through the Roman Bridge to take the city. That first day will take place one of the three great concerts, that of Califato, at 8.30 pm on the esplanade of the municipal pavilion. For musical events, you must request tickets at

Friday 18th

All the points where there will be activities will start to work on the Friday in the morning. On that second day, on the 18th, will be the concert of Xabier Daz at 8.30 pm in the pavilion. Throughout the city there will be exhibition points and workshops of different themes. In the main park of the city there will be a traditional market with capacity control at the entrance, which will be in operation until Sunday.


The Roman festivities host 12 theatrical performances in the open air, at the Calellado Hospital. On Friday start with two plays in the afternoon, on Saturday there will be five throughout the day and on Sunday as many. Being outdoors, the City Council recommends wearing sun protection in the morning. Tickets can be obtained at

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Camp in Rosala Park

The Roman camp will be established this year in Rosala Park and will be open to the public. In this location, four groups will recreate costumes, habits and settings from Roman times. It will be open from Friday, the 18th, at 4:30 p.m., until 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, the 20th.The camp will offer varied exhibitions, such as photographs, armor, ceramics or Galician olera, and samples of constructions of the time, castrexa decoration or models of pallozas with traditional equipment. It will also have activities for all ages, such as chain-cutting workshops, gladiatorial fighting or reading fables. Some of the activities will be for streaming or on social networks, such as the Galician offering.

In addition to the main camp, more than a dozen historical recreation associations will be in more than twelve points of the city center to complement with more exhibitions, activities and conferences.

Saturday 19

The sbado will take place the third great concert, of Balance Tx, at 8.30 pm on the esplanade of the pavilion. In addition to the continuation of all the exhibition points, the celtic weddings in the Portami, and the roman weddings in Praza Maior, both at 5:00 p.m. and with prior registration. It also stands out among theatrical performances, the children’s musical Hercules at 1:00 p.m. This third day the activities are further expanded with the work of more associations, such as the opening of the office of typefaces and Roman writing materials in the Plaza de la Constitucin. Very few of the activities will be virtual, with the exception of a digital meeting with the foreign troops and legions and the president of the Spanish Association of Historical Holidays and Recreation.

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Sunday of 20

On the last day of Arde Lucus, the camps of all the associations will continue until 9:00 p.m., as well as the Celtic and Roman weddings at the same time as on Saturday. To top off the party, there will be the Armilustrium extinguishing of the sacred fire of Vesta by social networks.

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