This is how you really help stray cats

If you are lucky and find your animal again, you have to know: “The owner must bear the costs that the animal shelter has incurred. That often gives rise to discussions. ” According to Müller, there are cats that end up in the animal shelter again and again. “This is often a misunderstood love of animals. One thinks that an old cat has to be warm, cannot find its way home and brings it to us immediately. This is of course nerve-wracking for the owner. It is worthwhile to watch the animal a little longer. Most of them find their way back on their own. “

If nobody answers during the two-month period, the cat can be referred. “If the finder would like to take over the cat, we check, like everyone else who is interested in an animal, whether the prerequisites for the fur nose are right,” says Sandra Müller.

If you find a cat that is injured, you must help immediately. The Animal Welfare Act stipulates that help must be given to sick or injured animals. In other words, the cat has to be taken to the vet or animal shelter for treatment. Costs only arise if the house tiger does not stay in the animal shelter. Apart from the fact that the fur nose needs medical treatment, the procedure is the same as with a healthy animal.

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