This is how you can validate higher education degrees obtained abroad

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The Ministry of National Education reported that, in the first 100 days of government, it has managed to respond to 4,100 requests for validation of qualifications obtained abroad. Through a statement, she answered the most frequent questions that citizens have and explained the procedure to present the documents to the Ministry.

The validation is a recognition that is made on a higher education degree granted by an institution in another country, so that it has the same academic and legal effects that allow the profession to be practiced in Colombia. In addition, it is regulated by Resolution 10687 of October 9, 2019. (You may be interested in Regulating the validation of practices as professional experience for young people)

How should the title be validated?

According to the Ministry of Education, the validation of titles is often required in the labor and contractual relationship processes. One of the requirements to start this process is that the studies are completed and the documents duly apostilled or legalized, as well as officially translated into Spanish.

The first thing you must do to validate your title is to create the user in the higher education validation information system – Validate, fill out the form and upload the documents. The Ministry’s response It can take between 120 and 180 calendar days depending on the criteria of each applicant. The terms are counted from the business day following the report of the payment of the value of the procedure. (You may be interested in Education, Icetex and PAE, three key points in the startup of Petro)

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The value of validation of the degree depends on whether it is undergraduate or graduate. For the processing of the first type of title, the cost, according to the Ministry, is $696,993. While, for postgraduate degrees, the validation has a cost of $792,003.

What should be taken into account before choosing an academic program abroad?

  • Verify that the institution where you want to study has permission to operate in the country.
  • Some titles such as diplomas, in-depth courses, seminars, internships, among others, are not subject to validation.
  • If you study at an accredited or recognized institution for its high quality standards or a program with current accreditation, the validation process will be more agile.
  • Verify that the program you wish to study corresponds to a higher education level in the country of origin. You can review this information in the World Education Systems Guides of the Ministry of National Education at this link.
  • Undergraduate programs in the health area that do not have an equivalent and active program in Colombia cannot be validated. You can check the existing programs in the country on the SNIES platform.

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