This is how the puppy becomes house trained

At first, dogs cannot control their bladder and bowels. Owners should therefore take them out at regular intervals.

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Where can I do my business and where not? Puppies have to learn that quickly. For the owner this means at the beginning: observe the animal and ideally set an alarm clock.

Munich (dpa / tmn) – If a baby dog ​​comes into the family, owners have to set the course for his new life early on. But what does a puppy really need to learn quickly?

In addition to getting to know all family members, house training is a lesson that the puppy should learn right from the start. To do this, owners must initially look at the clock and watch the puppy closely, according to the magazine “Ein Herz für Tiere” (April 2021 edition).

The young dogs cannot really control their bladder and bowels yet. But you always have to get up after a long nap, 10 to 20 minutes after each meal.

Get puppies outside quickly

The animals also show this in their behavior: They move around searching and restlessly. Then it has to be done quickly. It is best to take the dog in your arms and carry him where he is allowed to. In the garden, on the next green strip or on a meadow. As soon as the puppy comes loose, he should be given a lot of praise.

If you don’t have a garden or have another way to the next park, you can use the balcony as a replacement for the time being. One square meter of turf is enough as a quiet place. The piece of turf can also be used as an emergency toilet in a spacious container in the apartment.

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