This is how the “crime scene” becomes: What kind of case am I – and if so, how many?

media This is how the “crime scene”

What kind of case am I – and if so, how many?

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Double head: Gretchen (Tessa Mittelstaedt, left) and Emily (Emilia Bernsdorf) Double head: Gretchen (Tessa Mittelstaedt, left) and Emily (Emilia Bernsdorf)

Double head: Gretchen (Tessa Mittelstaedt, left) and her daughter Emily (Emilia Bernsdorf)

What: HR

The Cold War is supposed to be just around the corner again. The new case for the Frankfurt “Tatort” team is serious about espionage. It is bugged, murdered with poison, clandestine money is handed over. But that’s not the problem.

Dhe ordinary person lives a life and has to do with it properly. Which is why the secret agent cannot be an ordinary person because, by definition, he has two identities.

The whole thing becomes more complicated with the existence of double agents, of course. Which finally brings us to the new “Tatort” in Frankfurt.

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It’s called quite harmless “Radio silence” and starts quite harmlessly. A 19-year-old’s body is found in a derelict factory. His name was Sebi and he had 100,000 followers for the videos he shot in “Lost Spaces” around and in Frankfurt. In lost places.

Warning: That was the first metaphor. Pretty much all people in this case are lost places, lost souls.

Lost in a middle-class world like the people in the other two Frankfurt “crime scenes” from Stefan Brüggenthies and Andrea Heller. At the crossroads among a lot of obviously nice neighbors, who turned out to be agents from hell after 90 minutes at the latest.

Hear the lives of others over shortwave with: Raymond (Kai Scheve) and Gretchen (Tessa Mittelstaedt)

Source: HR / Bettina Müller

Why, thought Brüggenthies and Heller, don’t we tell our next neighborhood hell story as an agent thriller? So with bugging systems, cash registers, shortwave transmitters, with poisoning, clandestine money transfers, mean CIA and even mean Russians. A kind of “Homeland – Hessen”. Not meant seriously, of course.

But as a gently ironic genre game, as the Hessischer Rundfunk editorial team is particularly fond of. Espionage as a kind of second identity of a basically quite ordinary “crime scene” plot that keeps “radio silence” alive.

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Rupert (Matthias Brandt) takes revenge on two police officers who shot his parents.

“We would be different people”

That’s why Gretchen and Raymond, Sebi’s neighbors, are not only the parents of the lovely Emily, who hung around the Lost Spaces with Sebi and writes in the school newspaper against the hustle and bustle of the USA, for example in Bolivia.

In the hobby room you also go about fun activities like eavesdropping and the “operation scrawl”. They spy for their country and for world peace. And for money also for the Russians.

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Identitätsdrama „Exile“

The main problem for secret agents with double to triple identities is that they sometimes no longer know who they are.

“Funkstille” works like that too. It stumbles back and forth between all possible crime fiction existences until you want to call the plot therapist at the “crime scene” headquarters.

But it’s too late by then. And the case is indecisive. He’s not a beautiful corpse.


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