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To choose pillow it requires an investigation worthy of a doctoral thesis. It involves analyzing and comparing factors like firmness, thickness, materials, shapes, sizes and, of course, price. How to miss the opportunity to feel unique by choosing from all the possible combinations the item in which the head and neck rest an average of seven hours a day, everyday? Perhaps for simplicity’s sake, however, we tend to colloquially reduce the models to two: hard and soft pillows. They both have supporters and detractors, like the onion omelette. But there is one thing that most agree on: a hotel pillow that he would have liked to take home incognito. We help you identify it and tell you where you can buy it.

The greater or lesser hardness depends on the material and the density of the filling. Pillows made of memory foam are considered one of the most firm; Other synthetic materials, such as latex or gel, also provide remarkable consistency. Those made with natural filling, with feathers, would fall into the category of less hard. Among these, the feathers (taken from the back and the wings of ducks or geese) are softer than those of down (located on the chest of the animal); both elements usually appear mixed in many models, to look for a harmonic fluffiness.

But, as Samuel Grandjean, director of marketing from Tempur Sealy, the degree of firmness is also achieved “by modifying the amount of padding. For molded pillows or with granulated material, it is usually played with the density of the material, but in such a way that the durability of the product is not affected”.

Hotel Boca Chica, in Acapulco, of the Marriott chain.

Cervical pillows deserve a separate chapter, designed, as the name suggests, to avoid or improve problems in the neck vertebrae. Liselott Persson, a neurosurgeon at the University of Lund (Sweden), tested in a 2006 study the effect of various types of pillows on 52 people with neck pain. 76% reported that cervical pillows had a positive effect on their discomfort; 77% obtained benefits in their quality of sleep and 61% on the headache. According to Grandjean, this strain “offers better personalized support and helps alleviate aches and pains by allowing better relaxation of the cervical area.”

Choosing the right one is important, because, otherwise, it is not that we are going to get out of joint, but that “we will sleep worse, we will not rest well, and when we do not rest well, the muscles will not recover and you will find yourself worse each day next “, explains Pablo Herrera, vice dean of the Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid (CPFCM). It will also help to avoid insomnia problems and annoying snoring.

Although “there are no magic formulas that work for everyone,” adds the physical therapist, two general rules should be mandatory. One refers to the balance between pillow and mattress. “If you choose a very hard pillow and a very soft mattress, you will be inclined at night, the same way back. Ideally, the column should be aligned,” explains Herrera. The other is for those who tend to sleep more on their sides. “In that case, a high pillow is better, so the neck isn’t tilted.”

Like in a hotel

There is a widespread opinion that there are no pillows more comfortable than those in hotels. Those who are not satisfied with the previous recommendations of the experts, have the opportunity to purchase the pillow Of your dreams (ho ho ho) on the websites of various hotel chains. These are some models of prestigious chains:

hotel pillows

Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel, in Miami Beach.

For undecided. Those of the Waldorf Astoria: they are made with a mixture of feathers and down; the greater presence of one or the other results in two types of firmness, soft and hard, in both cases in medium terms. Especially suitable for those who do not want to bet on extremes or are simply undecided. With a pure cotton cover, its price ranges between 80.46 euros and 90.51 euros.

For forum crawlers. Composed of 25% duck feathers and 75% duck down, the pillows of the Kimpton Hotels chain always come out very well on the hotel review forums. If you are one of those who, before buying anything on the Internet, methodically scrutinize the opinions of other users, this model seems like the perfect choice. There are 80.46 euros and 90.51 euros, depending on size.

hotel pillows

Double room at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

For those who look at the pocket. Those responsible for the chain Rabbit Hill Inn assure that they have spent two “whole” years testing pillows before choosing the one that guarantees the best rest for their clients. And they have selected a 1.1 kg composite of synthetic down gel fiber. Hypoallergenic and covered with a 100% 300 thread cotton cover, with satin cord edges reinforcement. They ship it for 32 or 44.80 euros, depending on the size.

For those who fall flat on their face. The Sofitel hotels pillow has a 70% feather and 30% down padding, distributed so that it is softer in the central part, something that those who sleep on their stomach will appreciate. It is made in France and available in four sizes, whose prices range from 95.20 euros to 119.20 euros.

hotel pillows

Mega Room at the New Orleans W, located in the French Quarter.

For soft. The greater the amount of down in the filling, the softer it is …, but also the higher the price. As an exception to this rule, the proposal of W Hotels, which has 50% down (the other 50% is goose feather, fluffier than duck feather). From 81.20 euros to 93.80 euros.

For technology. Three layers of padding characterize the pillows of the Ritz-Carlton chain. The two closest to the surface have 70% down and 30% Lyocell fiber; the middle one is duck feather. This ensures great softness and comfort that is evenly distributed. Three sizes, and prices from 81.37 to 108.80 euros.

hotel pillows

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

For the ‘eco’. This pillow from hotels Marriott is made, according to its website, “from recycled plastic bottles, which are spun into soft, tough fiber balls.” Despite what the description might imply, its comfort is praised and it does not lose its shape during its useful life. From 51 euros to 66 euros.


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