This is how Apple devices save human and animal lives –

There are once again new stories about the Apple Watch and AirTags.

A pregnant woman was notified by her Apple Watch that she had a very high heart rate. After the third measurement, she went to the hospital to be examined.

Doctors saved mother and daughter

There, the doctors realized that the woman was about to give birth and was losing blood because of a complication. Doctors were able to save both the mother and the newborn.

Dog tracked with AirTag

The second story tells of a dog wearing an AirTag on its collar. It was washed away by a high tide, but was later found thanks to the AirTag.

As the US broadcaster ABC7 reports, the one-year-old Australian shepherd named Seamus fell into a fast-flowing gully. He had run away during a walk. Seamus was washed into a flood protection basin…

via AppleInsider (1) / AppleInsider (2)

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