This is Heart of Deimos, the third open-world expansion for Warframe that will be released in late August


The fireproof game of Digital Extremes continues to renew itself over and over again. Warframe is one of the few titles of the genre that can really stand up to Destiny 2 at the content, updates and player base level. Very soon we will have another reason to return.

Revealed by fn at TennoCon 2020, Heart of Deimos will be the third expansion of Warframe that will offer us an open world to explore. This time, as its name suggests, on one of the moons of Mars. The next will come August 25th, and of course, it will be free. Here you have 30 minutes of gameplay.

This new area is, to say the least, chilling. It will be full of strong and filthy enemies, in addition to other things that you will see. We can even use one of the insects that populate the place as if it were a flying surfboard to move quickly.

Heart of Deimos It will delve much deeper into the history of the Infected faction, allowing us to learn about its origins. The world will be a bit smaller than in previous expansions of the style, but they promise more density. In fact, we will have the possibility to explore underground tunnels that are generated randomly every time we enter them.

Obviously, the expansion will be available for all platforms. If you are a fan of WarframeWherever it is, this month you have a new appointment that you cannot miss. For more details on the content, take a look at the official Web.

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