This exhibition by the students of Jiaxing Technician College is fragrant and sweet

This exhibition by the students of Jiaxing Technician College is fragrant and sweet

Release date: 2022-06-23 10:49

Source of information: Municipal Education Bureau


There are cute animal breads, creative cakes with novel shapes, and special drinks of various flavors. There are various baking works on the 3-meter-long table.

On June 16, at the Meili Family Baking College of Jiaxing Technician College, the 18th grade baking students participated in the last “big exam” in the school-completed the production of graduation design works and handed in the graduation design production book.

Their baking professional works this time not only represent their personal professional skills, but also reflect the school’s achievements in baking.

It is understood that the main content of the assessment is 8-inch themed cream cake, creative animal bread, creative toast, beverage production, mousse dessert, homework book design and production, and table setting.

On that day, a total of 57 students participated in the graduation design competition. At 8:30 in the morning, as soon as the exam whistle blew, the students immediately threw themselves into the production of tense and cheerful works. According to the provisions of the graduation project, students must complete the production of the required works within 6 hours.

Students from weighing, mixing dough, beating eggs, shaping, baking, decorating, setting the table…

A process is carried out in an orderly manner. Every student prepares the raw materials carefully, carefully produces works, and carefully arranges the plate, from the shape of the work to the design of the decorations, without letting go of any detail, hoping to use the best work to draw a successful end to the campus study and life.

At 2:30 p.m., the end of the examination whistle sounded, all the students completed the assessment tasks on time, put their works on the stage, and waited for the teacher to give the assessment results.

Zhou Wenyong, Member of the Party Branch of Hangzhou Academy of Educational Sciences, Director of Vocational Education Research Office, Zhejiang Provincial Special Teacher, National Judge of Catering Industry; , Wu Fangfang, the main contact for school-enterprise cooperation, and executive chefs or chefs from well-known hotels and catering companies in Jiaxing such as Fuyue Hotel and DoubleTree by Hilton Jiaxing also came to the scene and commented on the students’ works from various aspects. .

Walking into the examination room, we were presented with cakes, breads, various desserts and drinks made by the students. From the style, color and production process, it reflects the superb skill level of the students.

The reporter saw a pair of “forest partners” at the scene. Chen Jingtao and Wu Zishuo’s creative works with the theme of forest and ocean respectively attracted everyone’s attention.

“From the design of drinks to cakes, many adjustments and modifications are required to achieve realistic results, but I am still very satisfied with the final results, which can be regarded as a successful end to my 4-year baking learning career. “Wu Zishuo said.

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