This camera films inside a rolling tire!


For his last video, the youtuber Warped Perception had fun placing a small camera inside a tire. The work done by the latter to deal with the roughness of the road is simply impressive.

How does a tire work? Everyone has asked themselves this question. But who ever had the idea of look inside to observe his behavior ? It seems very difficult, a priori, but imagine that it is possible. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to the help of a tiny camera.

This video is signed by YouTuber Warped Perception but not only. Indeed, he had the idea of ​​making this short film thanks to a subscriber. And the least we can say is that he did well to listen to it as the result is impressive.

To make this video, Warped Perception therefore fixed a GoPro on the rim before putting the tire back on. He also placed a micro flashlight to illuminate the inside of the tire.

An expected but surprising reaction

It is only once it has started to roll that you really realize how much pressure the rubber supports when the tread is in contact with the asphalt. The latter is even more important during a tight turn. The proof in pictures…

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