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“If you go back to Iran, handcuffs are waiting for me,” claims Nikan Khosravi, frontman of the heavy steel band Confess. “It could be 20 decades, it could be the execution – I will not know. Going again to Iran is absolutely not an alternative.”

In November 2015, Khosravi was arrested alongside with his bandmate Arash Ilkhani, pulled out of the security of his home, he says, by the country’s Groundbreaking Guard, blindfolded and taken to the infamous Evin jail.

To confess.  Photo: Camilla Norvoll
The band now performs in five factors with new members from Norway, in which Khosravi and his bandmate Arash Ilkhani received asylum

The few invested 3 months in solitary confinement, the commence of a horrific ordeal in which they had been subsequently sentenced to several several years of imprisonment and whipping, accused of blasphemy, propaganda and even Satanism all because of the music they were building in a country where by artists have to reside up to, or probably encounter the outcomes.

Immediately after spending bail in 2017, Khosravi states the two managed to flee the state, regardless of acquiring their passports stolen, to begin with fleeing to Turkey awaiting sentencing. Now residing in Norway, exactly where they have been granted asylum, the band is after once again releasing music with new users – “a five-piece road protest” who want the entire world to know their tale.

Survived Iran’s most notorious jail

“It really is as terrifying as it seems,” Khosravi tells Sky News of his time in jail, talking on Zoom from his residence close to Oslo. “At times when I imagine about my tale, it truly is how, how did it happen and how did I survive this?”

The arrests arrived soon right after the release of Confess’ 2nd album, In Pursuit Of Goals. Khosravi suggests the band “certainly knew” what they were accomplishing in terms of making audio that the hardline governing administration would not have considered favorably.

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What they may possibly not have appreciated, he claims, is the extent to which they would be punished for it. “I believed, they will possibly consider us into custody for a few of times, but they’ll slap me a tiny,” he says of his arrest. In its place, he was explained to that authorities experienced been investigating him for more than a calendar year.

“My case was so major,” he states, pointing with his hand. “When they came immediately after me, they arrived with the translation of the lyrics … they took a picture of me and my girlfriend, they confirmed me shots while I was on the road … images of points I posted on Instagram or Facebook. “

Confess unveiled their 3rd album, Revenge At All Fees, in January

What was the induce of the music of the band that the governing administration was so opposed to? “I feel new music is the greatest outlet for generating persons knowledgeable of what’s likely on,” Khosravi claims. “There are many political and essential issues of structured religion, of dictatorship.

“As a youthful Iranian it is really significant for me to talk about these factors or provide them into my music. At minimum there is an individual who represents a group of people who imagine in another way, of which we are so quite a few. The Iranian routine attempts to exhibit it to the environment that Iran is a state [where] every person thinks the similar. He is completely mistaken. And I’m just a single of quite a few persons with matters to say, but possibly they don’t have as significantly voice as I do. “

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Weighty metal is a hazardous passion in Iran

Confess’s new music, remaining weighty metal, also performed a position. “They will not like steel tunes, it sounds satanic to them, as it did, I guess, to British authority when Black Sabbath came in the 1960s.”

Khosravi states they were being even accused of Satanism. “I will not believe that in God, I really don’t even consider in Satan. They call me an atheist and they contact me a Satanist. It really is just nonsense. They consider that mainly because you glimpse like that or your tunes is that way, or you happen to be indicating items that place in question the existence of God, they contact you Satan. I do not think Satanism has just about anything to do with this variety of tunes wherever in the environment. “

To know much more: The Iranian musician dangers his everyday living to make songs

The Iranian musician Mehdi Rajabian
Iranian musician Mehdi Rajabian also expended time driving bars in Iran’s notorious Evin prison

Confess are not the only musicians in Iran who have been imprisoned for their artwork. In 2021 Sky News spoke to musician and composer Mahdi Rajabian, who served two many years in jail for earning music the Iranian authorities disagreed with. There are additional.

Music and all varieties of art are controlled and censored by the Iranian govt, though major metal in specific is regarded as a hazardous Western genre, according to Jasmin Ramsey, deputy director of the non-gain organization Heart for Human Legal rights in New York in Iran. Censorship brings about several artists to work “underground”, not able to offer, boost or perform their music.

“Musicians can only be ‘free’ in Iran if they work under the radar of the condition,” Ms. Ramsey advised Sky News. However, she says the limitations usually are not stopping creativity. “It is deeply saddening to see the Iranian authorities strive to censor art and crush flexibility of expression when it has so many other urgent challenges to concentrate on.”

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‘I’ll be on the run for the rest of my life’

Khosravi’s working experience undoubtedly did not dissuade him. “When you go to jail, you are living under strain, you go to trial, [all the] terrible recollections in your head and being forcibly exiled to the other side of the entire world, absent from your loved ones, away from your property – you might be like, if you dropped it it would all be in vain. “

With Norwegian musicians joining the band, Confess introduced their third album, Revenge At All Fees, in January. “This is self-explanatory,” Khosravi claims. “We only came for revenge. It’s not audio any longer, it’s a weapon, you know? All the music that are on this album [are] all-around the time I was in prison. “

While he now feels harmless living in Norway, the musician feels anger and resentment at his circumstance. And adhering to the election as president of the uncompromising cleric Ebrahim Raisi in 2021, he states the predicament will not boost anytime quickly.

“I will be on the operate for nearly the relaxation of my existence,” he claims. “This anger and frustration and all that negativity has to arrive out by some means.”

Khosravi sees the launch of Revenge At All Expenses as the closing of this chapter in his lifetime. Even though it was a terrible ordeal, he states it would not transform something.

“Even if I ended up to die and occur back into this life once again, I would do the exact same factor exactly as I did,” he says. “Just. 100 moments. That’s who I am. I’ll live my existence the way I want and you will find no a person who can pressure me to live it any other way.”

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