This adorable owl was found in the tree at Rockefeller Center: she spent 3 days without eating or drinking (photos)


© AFP PHOTO / Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

An astonishing discovery was made in the tree of Rockefeller Center in New York. This was hiding an owl.

As the Rockefeller Center shopping complex’s tree installation crew freed it from its tarp, she made an astonishing discovery. A small owl was nestled there, 23 meters high. The animal would therefore have spent three days without water or food, stuck in the tree covered for transport.

A wild animal protection organization took care of the owl. “We gave her fluids and we feed her all the mice we can, says the Ravensbeard Center on its Facebook page. So far, everything has been fine, her eyes are bright and seem relatively in good condition despite everything she’s been through.“The animal was named Rockefeller, in a nod to this mishap.

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