Thibaut Courtois: “Say after 1 match that we cannot win the European Championship? Do not dramatize” | World Cup preliminary round

The Red Devils got no further than a 1-1 draw in the Czech Republic on Saturday. In addition to the result, the performance was not immediately excellent. Do we have to worry? Or are we dramatizing too much?

“If you draw such conclusions based on one difficult away game, then that is a bit bad”, Thibaut Courtois replied the day before the third World Cup qualifying match against Belarus.

“I’m not saying it was our best match on Saturday, but it wasn’t our worst match either. If you win 2-0 or 3-0 every time, you don’t learn anything.”

“Saturday’s game was good to see how a team can put us under pressure. It was a very useful game.”

Have the supporters and the press become too demanding? “It’s nice to see us shine, but you can’t always be 100 percent,” said the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

“There will always be teams that will get you in trouble. But you shouldn’t dramatize.”

“You can be critical, absolutely. But to think after one match that we cannot win the European Championship … It doesn’t work like that. The European Championship is this summer. Then we have to play great.”

On Tuesday evening, the Red Devils can already rectify something against Belarus. “Such countries play football with a warrior heart and their players will run and fight for 90 minutes.”

“It will certainly not be easy. We have to let them run behind the ball, but there are no easy matches anymore,” Courtois covered a corner in his press talk.

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