They will punish animal cruelty even with jail – Diario de Querétaro

The local Congress approved to classify as cruel behaviors against animals, surgical interventions whose objective is to modify the appearance of the animal or achieve other non-curative purposes such as cutting the ears or tail or the vocal cords. In the state, whoever carries out acts of abuse can be imposed up to 15 months in prison and four years in prison, if death is caused.

This was a reform of the Animal Protection Law of the State of Querétaro, and which also classifies as cruel behavior mutilations that are not carried out for health reasons, including the removal of nails or teeth, “except when they are considered necessary for the benefit of a specific animal or to prevent its reproduction ”, adds the opinion.

Currently, keeping them tied or chained or on rooftops, balconies or vacant lots is considered cruel behavior; in addition to not providing them with food for long periods of time or providing them insufficiently or in poor condition.

In addition, it should be remembered that the State Criminal Code establishes penalties of three to 15 months in prison or 100 to 200 days of fine for those who carry out acts of mistreatment against animals and, if they cause death, the penalty increases to four years in jail and up to 600 days of fine.


Likewise, the plenary also approved an exhortation to the municipalities of Querétaro and El Marqués to deny or suspend the requests for change of land use in Peña Colorada, in addition to taking actions to protect it, while they conclude the procedures to declare it an Area Natural Protected.

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In accordance with the approved opinion, the exhortation to the municipalities seeks to carry out actions, measures and strategies to protect this area, including denying or suspending requests for authorization to change land use.


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