They will deliver scholarship award certificates

On Friday, July 23, at 10:00 a.m., the awarding certificates of 100 scholarships will be delivered for the Diploma in Legislation and Parliamentary Law, awarded by the legislative office of Senator Hermelinda Alvarenga de Ortega, within the framework of the agreement between the Senate and the Nihon Gakko University.

It will be an inaugural and informative conference and on the occasion the digital award certificate of the full scholarship will be delivered to those selected.

The meeting, which will take place through the Zoom platform, has as its main objective, inter-institutional cooperation whose purpose is to strengthen the competencies of public servants in the management of the processes of the National Congress and the Senate.

Those selected to be part of the diploma will receive training for a better development in the role they play and the link with the other powers of the State, in coherence with the institutional mission.

The benefit of the scholarship will cover the total investment of the Diploma with the exemption of 100% of the fees, in accordance with the academic and administrative regulations established for this purpose.

The training will be given by professionals with recognized experience in the specialty, both nationally and internationally. The directors of some Commissions and Directorates of the National Congress will also form part of this select group of trainers.

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