They were going to arrest ex-Barrabrava chief for violating the perimeter and he stoned 5 policemen | Chronicle


An unfortunate and unusual event took place in the Buenos Aires town of Ensenada, where the former leader of the Cambaceres barra brava, who also works as a kickboxing teacher, He faced five policemen with punches, kicks and stones to prevent them from being able to stop him.

The violent reaction was registered when the troops arrived at the plaza in the 5 de Mayo neighborhood after being alerted that Leyo – as he is known – had violated the restriction of approach for a cause of gender violence. The scene was captured by a municipal security camera and in the images it was possible to observe how the uniformed men arrived at the scene in a patrol car and two motorcycles of the Buenos Aires Police to arrest Ariel guzman, “Leyo”, accused of violating the perimeter restriction against his former partner.

Everything seemed to indicate that such an operation would be enough to carry out the action without problems. But the images revealed the opposite: the defendant, through a brusque movement, not only freed himself, but rushed at the police officers to throw stones, fist blows and kickboxing shots at them, while around him a group of teenagers came to his aid.

Before that frame, The policemen not only failed to arrest him, but they had to escape and even one of them had his cell phone stolen, of his jacket and his watch at the time when Guzmán got into a patrol car to continue with the attack. After this, the police force filed a complaint for gender violence and another for robbery, attack and resistance to authority, and damages, which was filed at UFI 2 in La Plata.

Leyo is an old acquaintance in the world who mixes barrabravas with trade unionists as a workforce for whatever he likes to command. 44 years old, he is a current beneficiary of unemployment insurance, an AUH and his last registered job dates from October 2019.

As leader of the bar

With three children, He practiced martial arts and boxing since he was a teenager and became famous in Ensenada nine years ago, when after leaving prison accused of a crime, he took advantage of the fact that the brothers Adrián and Fernando Quinteros, historical heavy in the area, one was arrested for attempted murder and robbery after a match against Brown de Adrogué and the other for armed robbery, and won the rostrum.

Los Quinteros had a lot of weight in the municipality and led La Gloriosa 14, such the name of the bar. But Guzmán knew that without them the way was clear and he assembled a group in his neighborhood, taking the platform of Cambaceres by storm, crowning himself as the new leader.

After getting out of jail, the Quinteros went to reclaim their place and several battles broke out throughout Ensenada until the old leaders won the contest and Leyo lost the power of the paraavalanchas.


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