They went to clandestine parties and now they are forced to sweep the sidewalks

The Argentine town of Río Tercero in Córdoba decided on a new way to punish those who attend clandestine parties: to carry out community tasks.

According to Clarín, the authorities were looking for a way to punish those who did not comply with the sanitary measures, but that this was visible and awareness-raising.

In this way, Mayor Marcos Ferrer decided that “those who participate in clandestine parties must pay high fines or perform community tasks.”

This regulation was found in the Municipal Offenses Code since 2007, but it had never been applied, “that is why we believe that it is the right time to carry it out and raise awareness in those who do not respect the rules and make visible a sanction so that those who they look at it from the outside. We seek to generate a coup, “he said.

The sanctions began to be applied in May after a party in which they arrested about 50 people. “The announcement was made a month ago and the sanctions began to be carried out in the first days of June with the presence of two young people in a vaccination, who collaborated to order lines, check shifts and data,” he said.

This week, there are two young people painting gutters, planting flowers and collecting garbage from the street. In that sense, it was specified that the tasks are in total tasks of between 10 to 15 hours, depending on the activity and obligations of the sanctioned person. The person is called up to three times from the office of the municipal Human Resources Department and if he does not appear, a fine of 40 thousand Argentine pesos is immediately applied.

“So far both pedestrians and drivers who see them applaud the measure. ‘Let’s go to work!’ Is the comment most heard, “they say from the municipality of Río Tercero.

“The boys are guilty and repentant and they are ashamed of being exposed to the neighbors, they know that that uniform they have identifies them as those who attended clandestine parties. It is not the most pleasant, but they are obliged, so we vehemently insist on awareness. And since we announced these measures, we have noticed a considerable drop in the organization of forbidden social gatherings, ”concluded Damián Monti, director of the Municipality’s Human Resources office.


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