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Seven teachers and one deputy principal taught at a school in the Khasavyurt district with fake diplomas of education. But that doesn’t bother the parents. AiF Dagestan dealt with the situation.

Did you learn anything and how?

The prosecutor’s check in the Khasavyurt district ended in a scandal: teachers with fictitious diplomas of higher and secondary vocational education worked in the schools of the villages of Chagarotar, Novoselskoye, Nuradilovo, Batashyurt, Aksai, Shagada and Kokrek. Six of them turned out to have fake diplomas of graduation from the Dagestan State Pedagogical University (DSPU), one – from the Khasavyurt Pedagogical College.

Criminal cases have been initiated under the article “Forgery, production or circulation of forged documents, state awards, stamps, seals or letterheads”.

“Do not write my name, but I will honestly say that she was a good teacher, and I am very sorry that she will be judged. She taught two of my sons, who graduated with dignity from school and one of them – the Faculty of Philology. What to do if everything is bought and sold in Dagestan, and a person has a calling – to teach, ”one of the residents of the village of Kokrek told our correspondent.

Two teachers in the villages of Chagarotar and Novoselskoye had 25 years of teaching experience (!). And they taught not physical education or music, but Russian language and literature, physics and mathematics!

There is reason to once again speculate on the topic: who teaches us, heals, and so on. But it is necessary to ask not only those who bought these diplomas, but also those who sold them.

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“For using a fake diploma, they don’t go to jail, but they can be fined 80,000 rubles. The person who sold it to you can be imprisoned for up to two and three years, respectively. And there is also a statute of limitations – it is not always possible to punish for a diploma that was bought 5 years ago. The statute of limitations for such crimes is 2 years. In any case, it will be a different story, already outside the scope of labor relations,” the lawyer explains. Farida Magomedova.

Surprising is the fact that false teachers were discovered after 25 years. But, as AiF Dagestan was told by a representative of the prosecutor’s office of the republic Tatyana Golubova, checks in general education and other institutions are carried out in the republic on a regular basis.

Raise the prestige of the teaching profession

The situation with fake diplomas is typical not only for teachers. They were also found in the field of medicine, education, and even among officials. The business of selling diplomas in the republic is flourishing. Moreover, the price of the issue is more than affordable – from 19.3 to 40 thousand rubles, depending on whether full-time or part-time “education” is needed.

But is this the only problem, the curator of the Council of High School Students and Student Youth of the Republic of Dagestan asks Sefizhat Magomedrasulova: “I think that this situation happened due to a shortage of personnel. It is necessary to raise the prestige of the teaching profession – school graduates are not very willing to go to pedagogical universities. 2022 is the year of education, everything must be done to raise the status of a teacher, an educator. Children are our future, and what it will be depends on you and me.”

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Let us add that in the coming years, there may be a shortage of personnel in the republic after the commissioning of new educational institutions. It is planned to build 105 schools from 2021 to 2024. There is a risk that people without the appropriate education will want to get a job here.

According to the Assistant Minister of the Regional Ministry of Education and Science Gulnara Abdusalamova, the right to demand from teachers a document confirming their education and qualifications belongs only to the employer: “If the diploma raises any doubts, the employer can request data on the authenticity of the document. Here we are talking about the leaders of educational organizations who hired teachers and who did not have questions about their qualifications in the process of work.


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