“They shouldn’t have been in the business for a long time”

Frederic is well versed in the field, since he is an alarm installer himself. Bad luck for the burglars, who were pursued by the owner of the house.

It was around seven o’clock in the morning this Saturday that Frederic, manager of a company specializing in security, “Protection for Building”, came down: “I had turned off the alarm a little before and when I went down, I suddenly found myself face to face with a man. I immediately screamed, whereupon the man and a sidekick ran away. One of them took the direction of the Mariadal park, the other jumped on a bicycle towards the Brussels Ring, ”explained Frederic.

Very quickly, Frederic seized his car to pursue the man who had escaped by bike. “I managed to push the burglar off his bike. I dove on him and tried to hold him back. I had to take several kicks and kicks, but finally my neighbor came to my aid, while another called the police. The agents quickly arrived on site, after which the author was handcuffed, ”Frederic further testifies.

Jean-Pierre Van Thienen, chief of staff of the Zaventem police zone, explained to our colleagues from HLN that the police had “then started a manhunt for the second author with the support of the helicopter and federal police dogs ”. The police failed to get their hands on it, “he is still on the run,” said Jean-Pierre Van Thienen.

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For his part, Frederic says he is very surprised that the burglars have ventured into his home, while it is “however well indicated on the facade what kind of business is installed here”. “In my opinion, these thieves should not have been in the business for a long time,” added Frederic.


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