They register up to 12 complaints per month for animal abuse

Ask the owners responsibility to avoid damage to pets and third parties

Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, SLP.- The Ecology Directorate responds in a timely manner to complaints of animal abuse in the municipality, for which it urged the population to take comprehensive care of companion animals and avoid complications for third parties.

The head of the area, Martha Zabala Tristán, stressed that various complaints of animal abuse are being dealt with, for which she urged the owners to maintain and adopt a responsible attitude regarding the care of pets.

He pointed out that a month between 11 and 12 complaints related to animal abuse are attended, which are investigated and in which protocols are applied and procedures are exhausted for their due conclusion.

“If we acquire the commitment to have a pet, we also acquire the responsibility of caring for it and protecting it and seeing to its well-being,” Zabala Tristán added.

Likewise, he said that they have complaints from neighbors about the issue of stray dogs that could cause some harm to passersby due to their behavior, but then other neighbors intervene so that the rabies drug does not take them away, a situation that is questionable in case they the dog attacks a minor or another person and that is where no one is responsible.

Finally, he asked the population to report any anomaly related to pets or stray animals and to approach civil associations in case they cannot take care of or provide the necessary attention to companion animals.

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