They opened registration to access five student scholarships in San Antonio Oeste – Más Río Negro

The San Antonio Oeste Deliberative Council confirmed that as of Monday the 8th and until Thursday the 11th, the registration is open for applicants for five municipal student scholarships.

The members of the Scholarship Commission, Alicia Paugest, Rossana Tomasini and Vanesa Carmona, carried out the analysis of the academic performance of the beneficiaries in the last semester.

The availability of five scholarship vacancies emerged, four that are granted by the Municipality and one in charge of a councilor from the ruling bloc.

The rest of the scholarship recipients, both by the Municipality and by all the councilors of the ruling party and the mayor of the opposition, Guillermo Masch, have complied with the provisions of current regulations, it was officially reported.

Those interested can obtain more information at the administrative offices of the Deliberative Council, located on the 1st floor of the building located on the corner of Belgrano and Victoria streets from 7:30 to 13.

Those who meet the following requirements, as established by ordinance 4.111, can register as scholarship applicants:

  1. a) Be a native Argentine or by option
  2. b) The applicant must prove by means of the National Identity Document and / or certificate of secondary studies, his residence and / or studied in an educational establishment, in the Urban Ejido of San Antonio Oeste, with an antiquity not less than 4 (four) years.
  3. c) Be a graduate of the intermediate level and certify with a photocopy certified by the competent authority of the Analytical Certificate of the intermediate level or proof of having completed studies where the general average is recorded. Having priority, good academic performance and outstanding average during the course of the same, not owning subjects.
  4. d) Be students of undergraduate degrees in Universities or Institutes of Public Management, not having elapsed more than three (3) years since the completion of their secondary studies.
  5. e) Accredit academic performance with subjects taken and / or approved, this is for the cases of students who have already entered a University or Tertiary career.
  6. f) Not be a beneficiary of another type of scholarship or aid of another nature.
  7. g) Registration at the University or Institution of tertiary level.
  8. h) Photocopy of the program of studies of the race.
  9. i) Prove their socio-economic condition through the income of the family group, with salary receipts and proof of the Argentine Provisional Integrated System (SIPA) issued by the ANSES. Unemployment certificate, if applicable.
  10. j) Socio-economic report made by the Ministry of Social Development of this municipality.
  11. k) Sign a commitment certificate.
  12. l) Sign the application with the personal data of the applicant and the family group.
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The Special Scholarship Commission may verify the information provided in the aforementioned sworn statement, carry out the socioeconomic report through the Economic Development Unit of the Municipality of San Antonio Oeste and request all the additional and complementary reports that it deems appropriate.

Source: Deliberative Council Press

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