They look for a pervert who gropes women in José C. Paz

A young student was approached on the streets of José C. Paz by an older man who groped her from his car. He would have attacked other times in the area.

Once again the security cameras record a violent act in the streets, in this case it is an abuse in the La Paz neighborhood, Buenos Aires party of José C. Paz.

The incident occurred on September 16, but it transpired in the last hours at the request of the family of a 16-year-old teenager who was groped by a pervert who touched her from his car, when she was returning from school in the afternoon. .

The cameras of a shop show that the young woman was walking carefree on the left hand side of a quiet neighborhood when a black Fiat Siena (with roof racks) slowly approaches and that her driver leans forward and extends his arm to touch her tail, under the skirt of her school uniform.


The moment in which the subject extends his arm to touch the young woman in the streets of José C. Paz. Capture.

The young woman reacted by running to the car, which fled the place although before the dissemination of the images the neighbors would have already identified him as the author of a similar event days later in the same area.

However, in the analysis of the recording it was found that there was a premeditated action on the part of the pervert since he was detained at the intersection of Atahualpa streets between Oribe and 18 de Octubre and he waited for the young woman to get off the bus and begin her march, which would speak of a prior intelligence.

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The victim -who is very affected and under psychological support because of what he had to live- made the corresponding complaint at the Police Station of the wife of José C. Paz, where he stated that the attacker would be a man between 30 and 35 years of brown complexion.

The young woman’s family also provided the recording of the security cameras at UFI 14 in San Martín that is involved in the case.

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