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From August 4 to August 7 of this year the XXVI Venezuelan Congress of Internal Medicine: medicine and its challenges, challenges in times of pandemic, which is a reference for the local medical union, since year after year it meets in favor of updating and medical education, under the highest standard of scientific exchange.

The meeting will be held via Zoom in three virtual rooms and will have the participation of the American College of Physicians (ACP), which represents the largest medical community of Internal Medicine and subspecialties. The ACP will have a Scientific Session on July 29 and 30, to then give way to the XXVI Congress, organized by the Venezuelan Society of Internal Medicine (SVMI).

For 6 days and as a result of the articulation between the SVMI together with specialists and allies, Venezuela will be a pulsating center for medical updating, with the participation of 120 national and 25 international guests, who will offer the latest world scientific news in more than 100 academic activities . Clinical cases and research papers will also be presented in the section of Free Works Doctor Israel Montes de Oca, as well as symposia, an anatomoclinical meeting, talks and high-level discussions, according to a press release. The purpose is to support updating in health matters, the exchange of best practices, promote a deep and cutting-edge knowledge in the treatment of diseases and provide the best possible care to patients who need it.

Internal Medicine prioritizes the pandemic

Among the main issues, the great current challenge for doctors stands out: the covid-19 pandemic, which has been developing throughout the world for more than 18 months. Coping with this disease by providing comprehensive care to patients, lowering the rates of morbidity and contagion, its sequelae, the different proposals in terms of immunization, prevention and in-depth analysis of each investigation, are all great challenges for medicine today; and as such will be matters submitted for discussion at this event.

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Also part of the scientific program are the exhibitions Antibiotics in times of pandemic: what did we learn ?; Adult immunizations in times of pandemic; Update of available vaccines; Results of the studies of the Sputnik V vaccine, and Approach to vaccination, Diabetes and covid-19, by a group of renowned specialists. The management of grief in a pandemic and the challenges of bioethics in times of a pandemic are highlighted as part of a very complex review on topics and subspecialties.

Symposia include the Ibero-American Federation of Medical Education (FIA-EM), the International Forum of Internal Medicine (FIMI), the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), the Latin American Society of Internal Medicine (SOLAMI) and the Latin American Society of Atherosclerosis (SOLAT), representing the international guests.

In another order of specialties, the Congress will deal with respiratory diseases; cardiovascular diseases: heart failure; news in diabetes and cardiometabolism; geriatrics; infectious diseases; medical pathology of pregnancy; perioperative in the elderly, and rheumatological diseases.

Congress information

The XXVI Venezuelan Congress of Internal Medicine it is oriented, as is tradition, to internists, general practitioners and other specialties, as well as residents and medical students. It is intended to expand the information and reach the largest number of specialists possible. It is part of the SVMI’s commitment to Venezuelan society, both with doctors and patients.

Among the SVMI collaborators in this great meeting are Leti, Megalabs, Pharmetique Labs, Calox Venezuela, CCM Farma and McK Pharmaceutical.

Virginia Salazar, president of SVMI Internal, explained the importance of the event: “We are very proud of the scientific program that we will offer, which is really very robust. It is diverse in subject matter and specific at the same time, as we have managed to summon 145 guests, both national and international, who will give us their perspective on the latest updates in their areas of specialization and research. In this way we will promote exchange and academic discussion on treatments and new clinical approaches ”.

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“The covid-19 pandemic, without a doubt, marks a before and after in medicine and very particularly in Internal Medicine, since it must cover and deepen all the issues and consequences related to the disease, to present an optimal approach and patient management. Therefore this 2021 our XXVI Congress of the SVMI has as its central presentation Medicine and its challenges, challenges in times of pandemic “. For my part, I want to express special thanks to our guests and allies, as well as to the SVMI team throughout the country, for making this great medical appointment in favor of continuing medical education a reality, “he said.

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