They investigate an Australian policeman who kicked the head of a suspect during an arrest



Updated:09/15/2020 16: 59h


Australian authorities reported Tuesday that they have suspended a police officer from service while They investigate if he acted with brutality during the Sunday arrest of a male in the city of Melbourne.

The images disseminated on social networks show how the Victoria Police officer kick the head Timothy Atkins, who was lying on the ground while other members of the police force surrounded him.

Other images captured in Melbourne show how a Police car run over at low speed Atkins, 32, who is diagnosed with bipolarity, until he was knocked down.

“The agent was suspended last night and the Professional Standards Command (of the Police) continues to investigate the incident and they are evaluating all the information available ”, says a statement sent to Efe by the Victoria Police.

Victoria Police had previously alleged that the arrested man had behaved aggressively and damaged a police vehicle while trying to avoid arrest.

Atkins, who was hospitalized and is in an induced coma after the incident, receives treatment for mental health problems, as explained by lawyer Jeremy King to the local network ABC.

This arrest is known after hundreds of Victoria Police officers, mounted on horses, detained over the weekend a group of protesters in Melbourne during a protest against the confinement measures to which the five million inhabitants of this city have been subjected since the beginning of July.

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