They investigate a neighbor of the Middle Zone as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse

Agents of the Environmental Investigation Group of the Foral Police investigate for a crime of animal abuse to a neighbor of a locality of the Middle Zone of Navarre.

The investigation of the facts began after the discovery last June, by agents of the Guarderío de Medio Ambiente, of the carcass of a dog next to two 12-gauge cartridge cases.

Although the corpse was in an advanced state of decomposition, after performing the necropsy, two pellets compatible with the possible cause of death, the Foral Police has indicated in a note.

The Penal Code punishes with sentence of six to eighteen months in prison and special disqualification from two to four years for the exercise of a profession, trade or trade that is related to animals and for the possession of animals to those who cause the death of a domestic animal.

The proceedings have been forwarded to the Aoiz Guard Court and the Environment Prosecutor’s Office.

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