They filter possible Bad Bunny song list for their concerts in Mexico

To lessen the wait for their Mexican fans, in the last few hours some media filter which could be list of songs what Bad Bunny will sing during their concerts in Mexico next December that will put an end to the World’s Hottest Tour of ‘San Benito’ in which he could sing up to 40 songs per presentation as part of his setlist to the delight of all the fans who have already sold out the tickets for the shows that the Bad Rabbit will offer.

From their songs classics, to the new hits from ‘A summer without you’, his latest album, will be part of the show that Bad Bunny plans to ride in the most important stadiums in Mexico as part of the World’s Hottest Tourso if you already have your tickets and you are dying to sing next to the artist of the moment, we must tell you that the setlist what filter the media, it will please a large part of its fans.

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