They extend residencies and increase salaries of medical students


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The Government extended the residences of medical students to avoid a decrease in the number of human resources in hospitals in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and increased the amount they receive as a “monthly training incentive”, which will be around 30 thousand pesos.

Through resolutions 1658 Y 1659, published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette, the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, remarked that “The permanence of the residents, within the health services, is essential and indispensable to attend the health and social emergency produced by COVID-19”.

Given the need to keep students performing functions in national hospitals, the hiring of residents and heads of the specialties of cardiology, medical clinic, intensive child therapy, anesthesiology, general and / or family medicine, infectology and pulmonology was extended. who are in the last year of their training program for a period of three months, from October 1 to December 31.

Too The same measure was adopted for residents of the Adult Intensive Care, Epidemiology and Kinesiology specialties.

The Government urged provinces, municipalities, universities, and public, private and social security institutions responsible for residency programs to adopt the same measure.

Likewise, extended until the end of the year the payment of the monthly non-remunerative training incentive for all residents and their respective heads of Epidemiology that they are complying with a training program in national hospitals, which will be 26,760 pesos for those who are in the first year of internships; 30,735 for the second; 37,119 for those of third and fourth; and 41,000 for the holders of the area.

While, 37,119 pesos will be received by fourth-year residents of the specialties of Kinesiology and Adult Intensive Therapy and 41,000 by professionals who act as heads of the two areas mentioned.

“For the national residents of Adult Intensive Care, Kinesiology and Epidemiology, the current health context forces them to continue on high alert, demanding the redefinition of the work scheme,” explained the Ministry of Health.

Source: NA News Agency

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