They denounce the Executive for lack of medicines


Parents of children with cancer will file a complaint against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the heads of the Ministry of Health, Jorge Alcocer and Insabi, Juan Ferrer, for the theft of some 38 thousand cancer drugs, also for lack of medicines and omission in health care.

The President in turn accused, in his daily conference, that there is a sabotage and blockade of pharmaceutical companies that use patients as a permanent campaign against them.

Regarding the case, the affected parents indicated: “We do not believe that the theft of drugs is true, we doubt the government because it has systematically lied to us. First, he said that the shortage was due to a monopoly, then he argued the fight against corruption, then that if it was an international shortage and now they say that Chuchita was literally bagged and the drugs were stolen.

“It is incredible what happened, if not believed, I am astonished and we do not believe in the version that the government gives us,” said Israel Rivas father of a minor with cancer.

Gathered at the Monument to the Revolution, the parents expressed that there is no record of complaints to the government for the lack of medicine or omission of care, so they hope to set a precedent.

“We hope that this complaint can leave a mark on society so that it opens its eyes and realizes that it is not a question of a political party, being from the left or right, we as we have been told, we are not paid, carried, no We invent children with cancer, my son is legally blind thanks to the shortage, we are going to act legally to enforce my son’s right, what I want is that what happened to my child does not happen to others, ”said Luis Fernando, father of Gael, who lost his sight as a result of the evil.

Andrea Rocha, legal representative of this movement, reported that the complaint against the President will be filed today: “The complaint is derived from the fact that there is not a single real evidence. There is no evidence of whether a complaint was filed, what has been done, it really is only in the saying of what was stolen, but to date there is nothing, “he argued.

The parents also announced that they will collect signatures to present to the Congress of the Union an initiative to reform article 4 of the Constitution, in which protection is guaranteed to minors who are diagnosed with cancer, not only with medicines, but with economic and educational support.

“We seek that the political forces, we do not care what color, respond so that this constitutional reform and secondary laws are approved before the legislation ends, Israel Rivas stressed.

He added that in order to present the constitutional reform initiative, it is necessary to collect 1,200,000 signatures, which is why they called on deputies, senators and members of society to join their cause.

Earlier, in the National Palace, President López Obrador referred to this drug theft and told parents that he is seeking to resolve the problem, but acknowledged that there are blockages, even to acquire medicines abroad.

López Obrador indicated that he realized that in this issue there was a black hand from the pharmaceutical companies, because on some occasion he was rebuked by parents at the airport, where he was required not to lack drugs.

“I saw them, I realized that they were very influenced, the least I can say, anyway, we have an obligation to provide the medicines and we are making every effort, we cannot say how we are going to solve it, because there are signs of that they are blocking us so that we do not have the medicines, and not only in Mexico, abroad, the same companies here, agreements are made with companies abroad and intervene so that they do not comply with the commitments ”.


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