They denounce animal abuse on the rise to the Acatenango volcano

On the ascent to the Acatenango volcano, mistreatment of a horse was caught.

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A group of tourists nationals captured the moment when a horse He was left lying on the ground, on the route up the Acatenango volcano, apparently due to the heavy load he was carrying.

The video that has caused outrage was shared on Facebook.

The animal is observed lying on the road and it can be noticed that breathe roughly. On its back, plastic boxes full of objects.

Those in charge of the horse make a maneuver to raise it and continue the way. The tourist says to one of the men “he can’t take it anymore!”

The person in charge says that that way they earn their living and it is once a week.

Región Más Noticias, the Facebook page that published the video, mentions that the charging service can cost between Q300 to Q500

This is the video:


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