They believed they had cremated her and then she appeared at their home

Not to believe it was what happened in India, when they cremated a woman who died of covid … but then she appeared at her home.

Muktyala Girijamma and his son Ramesh they were hospitalized for coronavirus in the city of Vijayawada. The young man was presumed dead on May 23, while the woman was days later, when her husband went to look for her in her room and did not find her and the family doctor said that she had died.

That is why at that moment, he called the rest of his relatives and went to the morgue, where He identified the corpse that looked like his partner’s, which was wrapped in plastic.

What I did not know was that the woman was still hospitalized, and that body actually belonged to someone else… And that he was cremated.

Everyone was shocked when Muktyala Girijamma appeared alive at the door of the house, complaining that they had not come to pick her up at the exit of the medical center.


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