They are looking for the owners of a dog found in El Zapillo

MR Cardenas

20:23 • 30 jul. 2021

He walked alone, disoriented and panting from the suffocating heat what he has done all afternoon, but the solidarity and the immense hearts of two young people have made it possible that what was being a horrible afternoon for a lost dog in the Plaza Elena Pezzi of the capital becomes a new opportunity for the dog to meet again with their masters.

This afternoon, around 8:00 p.m., two young people, one from Almeria and the other from Bilbao, have found a white and beige dog. schnauzer who was totally disoriented and without his masters. Faced with the situation of the animal, which behaved all the time in a friendly way, The two young people have decided to take the dog to take it home while the person responsible for it appears.

From LA VOZ we want to help the dog return home and if it is yours or you know whose it is, you can contact the young people who have picked it up at the phone number 662 15 26 29.

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