They are looking for the owner of a puppy dog ​​for abandoning him and leaving him tied to a traffic sign in Villaobispo

Abandoned dog in Villaobispo de las Regueras.

| 23/07/2021 – 13:02h.

Tied to a road sign. This is how a puppy dog ​​appeared this Thursday in the town of Villaobispo de las Regueras, picked up after several calls alerted the Villaquilambre Local Police of its presence and ‘baptized’ as Farruquito at the facilities of the Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants de León, where he is hosted.

“They accompany us both in good times and in bad times, they are our most faithful friend, but not infrequently we come across news like this. This act has legal consequences, mainly economic, for its owners,” they recall from the Protectora.

The Villaquilambre City Council requests citizen collaboration to identify the person responsible and the Local Police “will have all the means at its disposal to identify and punish these despicable actions,” they point out from the Town Hall.

The municipal Canine Census of Villaquilambre currently collects 3,025 canids, 1,402 females and 1,620 males, in a record that has not stopped growing in recent years, in which work is being done both on equipping recreational areas for these animals and on the collection and care of situations of abandonment such as that of Farruquito.

Abandoned dog in Villaobispo de las Regueras.

Abandoned dog in Villaobispo de las Regueras.

So far this year there are more than 20 services performed by the Protectora de León in the neighboring municipality, whose councilor for the area, Ricardo de Dios, wanted to value the work that is carried out by the Consistory. “Municipal technicians do a great job in everything related to pets but in this matter, as in so many, social awareness is as important or more than what is done from the institutions,” he said.

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