They are #GeenDorHout: ‘The fact that I fall into the risk group does not make me worth less’


The hashtag was created by Jacqueline. “Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the lives of the people who fall into the risk group. That makes me angry.”

Dry wood

That’s how Jacqueline calls an opinion piece that appeared in Trouw yesterday morning. “Do we want to keep protecting the weaker until a vaccine is available, or are we willing to accept that weaker, older people die earlier?”

A column by Marianne Zwagerman also appeared earlier, in which she described older corona victims ‘dry wood’ calls. According to the columnist, it is ridiculous that all attention is focused on saving the lives of the elderly (in her words ‘dry wood’) instead of focusing on the future of young people and the economy.

“I fall into the risk group myself because I have chronic bronchitis,” says Jacqueline. “I notice that it is easy to say something about the risk group, because it is such an anonymous word. I wanted to give faces to these people. And I hope that people will continue to comply with the measures. That is why I sent the tweet. . “

‘Do not overreact’

And that tweet has already received hundreds of responses. This also applies to 38-year-old Judith. She has type 1 diabetes and brain damage.

“It makes me really sad to be called dry wood. I can feel the tears coming up now,” says Judith. “The term dry wood is for a piece of wood that is already dead and no longer of value.”

Judith has a three-year-old daughter who she has to take care of on her own. “I think it’s sad that people pretend I’m worth less just because I’m sick. Being sick doesn’t make me worth less as a person.”

“Every relaxation makes me more anxious. I have the feeling that people no longer take it seriously. When I ask whether people want to keep their distance, they respond with ‘don’t pretend’. Of course you don’t see that I am in the risk group fall. “


John is also angry. He has colon cancer that has spread to the lungs and also survived corona in March. “I am annoyed that people complain so much that their freedom is being taken away and that they are not allowed to do anything anymore. Then I think: what are you moaning about.”

“Since I was diagnosed with cancer in October and started the treatment process, my life has come to a standstill. Moreover, the discomfort of a mouth mask is nothing compared to a tube in your throat while you are in the ICU.”

John himself is not so afraid of getting corona again. “I worry less about myself. It’s not about me, it’s about so many other people. Selfishness makes me very angry.”

For the people who do not adhere to the corona measures properly, John has a message: “Hold on. If you behave well now, you can party normally again next year.”

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