They announce the first march against animal abuse in Neza

In Neza, the first pet walk will be held to demand that animal rights be respected, as well as to fight against animal abuse.

With the so-called “Adopt an Angel” on June 25, various groups and civil organizations will walk to ask for an end to animal abuse in addition to raising awareness among the population about the rescue of street animals.

It is estimated that in this, which is the second most populous municipality in the State of Mexico, there is an aggressor of 20,000 street dogs that suffer mistreatment from the population.

They announce the first march against animal abuse in Neza

The march will begin at the corner of Avenida Sor Juana and Avenida Pantitlán with the arrival point at the Nezahualcóyotl Cultural Corridor located on the median of Avenida Pantitlán, near El Coyote.

For the mobilization, at least 300 people with their respective pets, dogs or cats, are expected to participate.

After it concludes, a tent will be installed in the Cultural Walk where various activities will be carried out, all of them free, such as the participation of exhibitors and trainers who will give talks for better care of their pets.

Sterilizations and deworming will be carried out for pets, as well as haircuts, all for free, since veterinarians from the municipality and its surroundings will participate in these tasks.

In this regard, the deputy Carmen de la Rosa explained that there is already an initiative in the Congress of the State of Mexico, through which animals can be recognized in the Civil Code so that they are no longer seen as a thing, but rather seen as as part of a family.

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