These scholarships provide financial aid to every student

Student trip with a full wallet

Study abroad for free? These scholarships provide financial assistance

Study abroad with financial support.

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by Emily Geisler

Just get away, get to know new people and cultures and freshen up everyday student life! Does that sound good? Then pack your bags and go! The new year is just around the corner and many students are interested in spending the coming year abroad and exploring the campus there. But how do you finance your studies under palm trees? We will tell you how you can get interesting and grade-independent scholarships.

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The borders are open again and international students welcome!

A woman puts a coin in a piggy bank to save money.

Save enough money for the semester abroad? We show you what financing options are still available!

What financing options are there for a semester abroad?

Many students think that they are not eligible for foreign funding. But that’s not true! Any enrolled student can easily get financial support.

It is always important to find out about your options at your home university in advance. After all, if you plan your stay abroad well and with enough advance notice, you will ultimately start your adventure safely and prepared. While some students are already in the middle of their planning, others are just getting started. Many universities therefore offer information fairs on the subject of “studying abroad” for comprehensive advice.

Also, those interested in going abroad do not necessarily have to be model students or be dependent on financial support in order to be supported. Organization and time management are required here – those who bring this with them can look positively to the future.

Here you can see possible scholarships for students:

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Recommendations from our partners

Foreign BAföG

AuslandsBAföG offers financial support abroad, whether for a degree, a semester abroad, an internship or a student exchange. “So that everyone can take part in a stay abroad, BAföG is available for everyone who is generally eligible for funding, even abroad,” writes the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Anyone who is not entitled to domestic BAföG and thinks that the application for foreign BAföG will be rejected anyway is wrong. Because in this case, too, aid money is often paid to all students. The Federal Office for Education and Research explains: “The higher funding rates for training abroad mean that a number of schoolchildren and students who do not receive any funding in Germany because their parents’ income is too high are also eligible for BAföG. More information from the site is available here:

  • Application: At least six months before departure
  • Financial support: Depending on the tuition fee, up to 5,600 euros for a year abroad (possibly additional allowances for travel expenses, health insurance and living expenses)

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Erasmus grants

Erasmus+ is already a household name for many students. But those who are not yet familiar with the EU program should take a closer look here as well. You can apply for an Erasmus scholarship through the university and you will be assigned a contact person for any support. Any enrolled student can apply for the scholarship.

  • Application: half a year to a year in advance
  • Funding: vFull tuition fees and living expenses (varies depending on the destination country: The EU countries are each divided into three different funding groups, in which students can expect funding rates of 16 euros/day, 18 euros/day or 20 euros/day for the year 2023)

Our tip for you: In the written agreement between you and your home university (the Grant Agreement), please state the exact duration of your stay and the corresponding funding. If the semester abroad goes longer than expected, it can after the stay abroad, no additional payments can be made.

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DAAD Scholarship

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD for short) has a scholarship database on its website, in which you can find some foreign funding that every student can apply for. There you will find a list of different scholarships, which differ depending on the length of stay, destination country and subject. We can show you more detailed information on two possible scholarships from the DAAD here:

On the one hand, an “annual grant for study visits abroad” is offered or, alternatively, only for a six-month semester abroad, the “combined study and practical semester abroad for students and master’s students”:

  • Application: mat least six months to one year before the start of the trip (varies depending on the host country)
  • Promotion: wis determined with a scholarship calculator – as an approximate estimate: Spain approx. 975 euros or Australia approx. 1200 euros (possibly subsidies for travel expenses, health, accident and personal liability insurance, tuition fees, trips to the host country, language courses and more)

IEC and German Education Grants

Many scholarships are also advertised on the International Education for Global Minds (IEC) website. Similar to the DAAD, those interested in scholarships can use a calculator to get an estimate of the possible financing rate. Deutsche Bildung AG, in cooperation with IEC, enables partial or complete study financing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning an entire course of study, a semester abroad or just a language trip.

The special thing about IEC: The website says: “Students can receive the funding they want in two to six weeks, so that financing can also be secured at short notice.”

  • Application: Possible at any time, without deadlines
  • Financial support: Tuition fees (vary depending on where you live, course of study, university and degree), living expenses and travel expenses
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If you want to go further afield, you can go to the “GOstralia! Gomerica!” find a suitable scholarship in Australia, New Zealand or the USA. Various grade-independent scholarships are listed there. Extra scholarships are also being offered to celebrate the reopening of the Australian and New Zealand borders. Some scholarships are on a first come, first served basis, while others should be scheduled well in advance.

  • Application: At least six months to one year before the start of the trip, short-term applications for certain scholarships are also possible
  • Financial support: Partial or full scholarships – 50% or full tuition

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Make it easy! Instead of thinking about it

Ultimately it can each enrolled Student apply for a scholarship abroad. All you need is a certain ambition, some motivation and a lot of perseverance for the application process. But in the end it pays off and you can start your foreign adventure in the country of your choice without any worries!

Other interesting scholarships for outstanding students could be:

  • PROMOS grants from the DAAD
  • Germany scholarship from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Even if it is difficult at the moment, you should still try to start saving early. Having enough pocket money with you creates the opportunity to get to know your temporary adopted home better and to plan additional trips and trips in a relaxed manner. If you have difficulties saving, you can use our {window.dataLayer.push({event: ‘link_click’,link_type: ‘intern’,link_url: ‘ -alltag’})})()”> Take a closer look at savings tips for everyday life.

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