These Main-Spessarters did a lot for their homeland


Government President Eugen Ehmann presented these Main-Spessarters in Wrzburg with the local medal of merit. The first to congratulate was Landrtin Sabine Sitter. The photo shows (from left) Ehmann, Rainer Kunkel (Karsbach), Franz Schneider (Aura), Walter Staub (Hasloch), Karl Heinz Schffer (Hasloch), Peter Paul (Mittelinn), Edgar Karl (Neuhtten), Burkhard Hnlein (Birkenfeld ) and Gerhard Rster (Hasloch). Photo: Angelika Cronauer

  • Aura in mind

  • Birkenfeld

  • Hasloch

  • Mayor and Lord Mayor

  • Eugen Ehmann

  • Franz Schneider

  • Karl Heinz

  • Karl Heinz Schffer

  • Local politics

  • Local politician

  • Local elections

  • Members

  • Peter Paul

  • Government presidents

  • City councils and parishioners


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