There were messages about the departure of Morgenstern from Russia after the accusations of Bastrykin

A number of media outlets have reported that rapper Alisher Morgenstern left Russia after the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, was accused of selling drugs. Information spread after one of the anonymous Telegram channels reported that the artist was seen while boarding a train in Smolensk.

The source claims that Morgenstern got into the carriage accompanied by his wife Dilara and a security guard. The train followed the route “Moscow – Minsk”. At the same time, in recent days, the rapper did not give concerts in Smolensk.

The artist’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that he had no information about the whereabouts of Morgenstern. “I saw this information. I can neither confirm nor deny it. I have no such information, “- said the lawyer. At the same time, the rapper’s concert director confirmed in an interview with the Daily Storm that the artist is scheduled to perform at a private event in Belarus in the near future.

Earlier, Bastrykin, during his speech “The Role of Law in Ensuring Human Well-Being”, said that Morgenstern, in respect of whom a protocol on drug propaganda was drawn up, was selling prohibited substances through social networks. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

Earlier at Morgenstern’s wedding, police mistook chewable tablets for drugs. At the celebration of the rapper and his girlfriend, a man in a black suit with a chain in the form of a dollar sign openly offered guests to try “wonderful pills” that interested law enforcement officers.

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