there is low birth rate and aging

Historically, China has had a restrictive birth policy due to its overpopulation, which has changed over the years. Today it announced that it will allow its citizens to have a third child, but only to married couples.

This measure is announced after the Census figures showed a significant reduction in the birth rate.

The authorities made this decision with the aim of “Improve the population structure” of the country, as well as “respond actively to the problem of aging ”.

According to the census presented on the 11th and prepared every ten years, China now counts with almost 1,412 million inhabitants, although the aging of the population and the low birth rate have set off alarms in Beijing.

One of the objectives of the Government when it comes to promoting the birth rate – the text points out – is to contribute to “reduce family spending on education“, While committing to”improve maternity leave“.

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