There is a major increase in gasoline and diesel prices: Fill your tank by midnight tonight!

There has been a new improvement pertaining to gasoline costs, which motorists observe carefully. Fuel price ranges are rising all over again. This time, both equally gasoline and diesel prices will transform. The raise in query will be mirrored at the pump as of midnight tonight. So, how significantly will gasoline and diesel charge?

Gas selling prices are heading up. In accordance to the most recent improvement, the value of gasoline will be improved by 1 lira and 50 kuruş, and the price of diesel will be greater by 2 lira and 10 kuruş. It was realized that the gasoline and diesel price tag hike will be applied as of midnight tonight. Right after the boost, the cost of diesel will reach 40 lira.

Recent gasoline, diesel and LPG price ranges

Selling price of 1 liter of gasoline on the Anatolian side of Istanbul: 36.64 TL

Istanbul diesel (diesel) liter cost on the Anatolian Aspect: 37.76 TL

Istanbul LPG liter price tag on the Anatolian Aspect: 17.20 TL

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