There is a bug in the KOTOR II switch port, but you can cheat it

The Jedi fight the Sith and some strange lizard animals in the hallway.

screenshot: Aspyr / Obsidian

Studio driving this week’s Aspyr, Nintendo Switch port Knight of Old Republic II: Lord Sith, Admitted A bug in which the recreation crashes for the duration of the main quest and at least some gamers are unable to comprehensive the sport.

Right now, Aspyr stated Axios The bug affected only a several players.The developer also posted Immediate resolution The web page promised a extra lasting deal with “in the subsequent patch”. Currently, there is no official patch launch date.

For gamers afflicted by the bug KOTOR II Crash immediately immediately after the player Crash on Onderon As aspect of the planet’s most important quest line. Players can try the major quests in any buy, but onderon quests have to have you to leave the world to progress to the next period of the storyline, so most gamers will quest at a reasonably late phase of execution. May be accomplished. Thankfully, you do not have to wait for the patch to carry on the activity.

Alternatively, the studio implies clicking the left thumbstick a few instances. This will open the cheat menu. From there, decide on “Warp” and go to “OND504”. Below, the quest proceeds from Onderon. My box Was a person of the handful of unfortunate persons affected by the bug and was able to independently validate that the workaround basically labored.

Visamers climb the slope to fight Sith soldiers.

screenshot: Aspyr / Obsidian / Kotaku

Nonetheless, there are pitfalls. You are unable to stack making use of the identical bash you chose to take a look at Dxun (which takes place just just before the buggy quest) and adjust the party’s configuration. So if you leave a weak character in Dxun, excellent luck. They will lead the complete assault on their have. Don’t be frightened if you substantially decrease Group B’s level. The cheat menu also consists of an invincible toggle. My box I contacted Aspyr about the improve of occasion customers, but did not reply by the time of the announcement.

In the initial Computer video game by Obsidian, KOTOR II If you test to modify the help save file making use of an exterior resource (even if you correct a main bug), increase a yellow “cheat” overlay to the conserve file. So it is really very hilarious to me that in 2022 cheating is the formally advised way to comprehensive the match.

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