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Dekore Corporation, which manufactures and sells original miscellaneous goods, has released a new series of pottery products with feline motifs.

Tea time with feline ♪

Dekore Corporation is a Japanese miscellaneous goods maker that produces original design products such as items that are convenient for everyday use and items with characters that are particular about the design story as a motif.

We also have a lot of miscellaneous goods with cat motifs, such as the “concombre” series, which expresses various situations with mascot characters, and the “HAPPY catday” series, which incorporates a certain gesture with cats into the design.

This time, a new pottery series “Waido Nyanzu” of unique felines has appeared.

Wild but cute Nya

A cute item that combines felines, which are a hot topic in zoos and TV, with miscellaneous goods. There are three types: “Serval”, which is said to be a super model of Savannah because of its beautiful appearance, and “Sandcat”, which is one of the smallest wild cats in the world and is also called a desert angel.

Wido Mug

“Waido Mug” is a mug with a mascot on the edge of the cup that you can grab tightly with your front legs. It has a cute design that makes you feel relaxed while drinking a drink, and the vertical lines on the surface of the cup that look like a sword pattern are like the scars of a cat’s claws.

Pallas’s cat
Serval cat
Sand cat

Pallas’s cat Approx. Φ88 × 122 × h108 mm
Serval cat approx. Φ88 × 122 × h114 mm
Sand cat approx. Φ88 × 122 × h108mm

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Wido Spoon

“Waido Spoon” is a cute item that has become a spoon as it is with the tail of a feline stretched out.

It’s perfect for stirring soup and milk, and since both front legs are hooks, you can see your stomach completely when you hang it on a transparent glass, and when you use it with “Cute Mug”, the cuteness doubles. .. You can spend a relaxing time watching the felines clinging to the cup and snuggling up to each other.

Pallas’s cat
Serval cat
Sand cat

Pallas’s cat about 23 × 26 × h107 mm
Serval cat approx. 20 x 25 x h116 mm
Sand cat approx. 24 x 26 x h110 mm

All of them are handmade, so one of the attractions is that you can feel the warmth due to individual differences in appearance. It is an item that seems to make your daily dining table and tea time a fun atmosphere.

The price is 1,408 yen for one “Wardo Mug” and 660 yen for one “Wardo Spoon”. It is sold at the official online store of Dekore Corporation ( and the online store of Village Vanguard (

・ Tiger snow leopard cheetah in a tissue box!Felidae package from nose celebrity
-Includes popular sand cats and manul cats! “Too beautiful feline pictorial book” to become familiar with wild felines
・ Simultaneous exhibition of two endangered Pallas’s cats, mofumofu, at a facility equipped with matchmaking facilities

(C) DECOLE CORPORATION Co.,Ltd./Village Vanguard, Inc.

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