then they ransacked his house in revenge

Last weekend, a 3-year-old boy played ball on the side of the street, in the Virgen del Huerto neighborhood of Las Talitas, in Tucumán, Argentina.

It was another day, until a truck ran over the little boy, who died on the spot. The brutal event was aggravated when people realized that the behavior of the vehicle was a 15-year-old girl.

The police launched an investigation into the events and, given the tension in the entire neighborhood, two police officers were stationed at the young woman’s house.

“Burn his house!”

But the police could not contain the anger of a group of people who seek to claim justice at their own hands.

A group of neighbors attacked the driver’s house with stones and sticks. Then they entered the home and began looting, while others shouted: “Burn his house!”, Assures the Argentine press.

The attitude of several people who took out the most expensive appliances generated special outrage among other neighbors.

“I can not believe what I see. That girl made a tremendous mistake and she must be tried with the full weight of the law, but allowing anyone to enter her house and take everything is another crime, “a witness assured Chronicle.

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Other neighbors pointed to the inaction of the police officers in the face of the robbery that was being committed.

“The soldiers stood watching. What fucking people: the least they care about is the baby. I agree that justice be done but taking the plasma is not justice, it is taking advantage of the situation to steal, “said a neighbor.


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