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After the Corona period caused a veritable flood of animals in German households, Christmas is also a regular booster for keeping pets. Animal playmates are at the top of many wish lists, especially for children. But the joy of the living gift is sometimes over quickly. Because a pet means long-term responsibility and also work. Therefore, especially at the beginning of the year, the inflow into animal shelters is particularly high and the animal offers on online platforms are numerous. High demand often means that dubious and dubious dealers offer animals for sale. Online retailer eBay classifieds has already reacted and significantly restricted the placement of pets on the platform. The ARAG experts reveal how to recognize serious offers to buy a pet and what you should consider when buying a puppy.

eBay Classifieds is serious
Special rules and strict conditions apply to the placement of animals on the platform. So e.g. B. Dogs and cats that are younger than twelve weeks at the point of delivery are not offered. Dogs and cats whose litter has been announced but which cannot yet be viewed will not be adopted. According to information from the ARAG experts, it is generally not permitted to give away, lend or exchange animals. The shipping of animals is also not permitted.

According to the online exchange, conspicuous ads in the pet category are blocked by a security team within 30 minutes or deleted directly. This is the case, for example, when a commercial provider or breeder offers more than three litters from two breeds within a year, or private users place more than one advertisement in a year. Anyone who turns out to be a dubious provider will be temporarily or permanently excluded from trading on the platform.
Trading is also not permitted, e.g. B. with reptiles, primates and other exotic animals as well as with living animals of protected animal species or animals from torture breeding, such as hairless dogs or folding-eared cats.

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Find the right animal
Whether from the animal shelter, from the breeder or through a classified ad: Anyone who has decided to add an animal to their family should first ask themselves which animal is the right one. The Pet Advisor of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture could help with this. Not only the species and breed are important, but also the size and expected age of the animal. It should be clarified in the family association who takes on which duties at what times. According to ARAG experts, a look at the costs is also absolutely necessary, especially with the current inflation. With food, veterinarians, taxes, insurance, dog school and last but not least the purchase itself, the costs quickly add up. Tenants must also clarify whether their rental agreement allows a pet and – if not – clarify the pet issue with the landlord. The ARAG experts point out that a general ban on animals in a rented apartment is not permitted, but if the animal is particularly large or exotic, the landlord’s consent is required.

Animal shelters at the limit
The end of the corona pandemic, extreme energy costs, increased food prices and a new fee schedule for veterinarians that make treatment significantly more expensive: animal shelters fear that the number of abandoned animals will continue to rise in the future. Most facilities currently have hardly any capacity to take in animals. Some animal shelters have already imposed a freeze on admission, others are about to do so. With his campaign “Help Animal Shelters. Help animal shelters!”, the German Animal Welfare Association continuously draws attention to the situation of the animal shelters and their important work.

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An animal from the animal shelter is basically a good decision. But the future owners should first get to know the animal during several visits. The ARAG experts recommend an intensive discussion with the keepers on site, because they know a lot about the character and history of the protégés and can also prepare the potential owners for the peculiarities of the animal. The ARAG experts also point out that an animal – no matter where it comes from – needs a lot of attention and rest in its new environment, especially in the early days.

Rooting Puppies and Dog Factories
More than ten million dogs live in German households. And no matter how great the desire for an animal to join the family, the ARAG experts warn against buying a puppy online. There is a risk that these are illegal puppy breeds; often from Eastern Europe. These animals are separated from their mothers too early, which can weaken their immune systems. As a rule, the young four-legged friends are not vaccinated and have not been subjected to any parasite treatment – even if the pet passport often suggests otherwise. The chances of survival are correspondingly low. At the same time, mother bitches and stud dogs are often kept and bred under deplorable conditions that violate animal welfare.

Recognizing puppies from illegal trade
There are a few signs that can point to illegal trade: On the one hand, these are typical, easily recognizable symptoms of illness such as coughing, nasal discharge or diarrhea. But other features, such as B. apathetic behavior, disinterest or exhaustion can indicate a dubious breeding. In order to sensitize potential buyers, the ARAG experts recommend the information pages of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture about criminal machinations in the puppy trade.

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