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After two summers disrupted by the Covid-19 crisis, the summer cultural landscape is picking up color in Limousin. From Corrèze to Haute-Vienne via Creuse, the demonstrations will once again bring the territories to life for two months and never more than an hour’s drive from home. We help you make your choice.

The summer of 2022 will therefore be that of the return of cultural events in Limousin: festivals, exhibitions, night shows… and this without health protocols to date. Everyone should be able to find the pleasure of making memories, dreaming with their eyes wide open and still singing long after a concert is over.

Nevertheless, even if the organizers put everything in place for their demonstrations to be successful, one unknown remains: the arrival of the public. The crisis is over there. Last year the majority of festivals saw a drop of nearly 30% in attendance. Festival-goers and spectators have taken on new habits, deciding only at the last moment and pushing back reservations as close as possible to the start of the festivities. The pandemic has moved the cursor. The fear of the disease is still present in some, others have been scalded by cancellations or postponements.

France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine, culture at its heart and faithful to its commitments, continues to support many events by being a partner.

There are the old festivals that are close to 50 years old, then there are the younger ones that are still looking for the right formula to seduce an audience that has more and more choice. The success of a festival is due to several things: the programming, the place, the desired atmosphere, the reputation but also the ticket prices and more random but essential, the weather.

Below discover the map of festivals accompanied by a partnership with France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine by clicking on the stars:

In Limousin, each event writes its own story, accompanied by spectators who sometimes pass the torch to the youngest members of the family. This is the case for the historical fresco of Bridiers in La Souterraine, Urbaka in Limoges or the Luzège festival in Corrèze. There are those that rely on a loyal community that will be present whatever the program, such as Brive Festival, the Vézère Festival, the Festival aux champs in Chanteix in Corrèze or the 1001 notes festival in Limoges and the Bandafolies in Bessines-sur-Gartempe.. Then you will have to follow the evolution of the latest ones like Urban Empire Festival in Limoges, Musique à la source and Check In Party in Creuse or the Multi-Pistes festival in Nexon (formerly the route du Sirque).

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France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine helps you choose your next shows by sharing its favourites.

  • Vézère Festival – July 5 to August 16

41st edition for this festival which each year offers a remarkable program spread over the months of July and August throughout Corrèze.

Our selection :

  1. A Humor of Proust on the occasion of the Proust centenary

Tuesday 5 July at 8.00 p.m. at the Théâtre de Brive–la-Gaillarde with Lambert Wilson (narrator) and Jean-Philippe Collard (piano)

2. Manon Galy (violin) and Jorge Gonzales-Buajasan (piano) – Victoires de la musique 2022

Saturday 28 July at 8.00 p.m. in the Saint-Ybard church

3. Thomas Enhco (piano) and Vassilena Serafimova (drums)

Saturday 13 August at 8.00 p.m. in the park of the Château du Saillant.

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  • Field Festival – July 7-10

Here is a festival which will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year and 50 years of associative commitment in Chanteix in Corrèze. It’s not nothing. So the organizers decided to keep what constituted the changes of 2021 because of the pandemic while bringing new elements. The program is once again up to expectations.

Huge thumbs up for the project WE SAID TO DANCE ON STAGE initiated by Tuberculture and the group of Medico socio-educational establishments of Limousin. The objective is the creation of a dance show with people with disabilities. Today, 80 volunteers participate in contemporary and African dance workshops led by dancers from Cie Hervé Koubi.

The end of the project: present a dance show on stage with all the volunteers. All people, depending on their disability, will find their place thanks to the professionalism of the speakers. It will be at the opening of the festival on July 7th.

Another favourite, beyond the presence of Pierre Perret and Julien Clerc, the arrival of Annie Lalalove

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  • Brive Festival – July 21 to 24

Brive Festival, the liveliest of festivals is settling in the Espace des Trois Provinces to welcome: Black eyed peas, Juline Doré, M, Clara Luciani, Calogero, PLK. Hatik, Gaetan Roussel…

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Already the 2022 edition promises to enter into the most beautiful summer memories of Brivistes.

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  • Luzège Festival – from July 20 to August 17

Roaming theater throughout Corrèze? The idea is appealing. If you are not going to Cyrano, this year Cyrano will come to you.

The venues chosen are what make this festival unique, and it has established itself as a very high-quality Corrézien meeting place honoring theater and making it accessible to all.

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  • Urbaka Festival – June 29 to July 2

Some write that art is public. The Urbaka Festival has it well understood for 33 years. As the stars fall, the festival moves to the cathedral district. With more than 200,000 spectators and 4,000 artists from here and elsewhere, Urbaka is a completely free festival that takes place in the summer, for four days in the streets of Limoges.

You’ll laugh, you’ll wonder, you’ll smile, you’ll have fun, you’ll dance if you wish, maybe even feel a tear rolling down your cheeks.

Jacques Reix – President of Urbaka

Favorite for Strange Foreigners by the duo Kilombo on Wednesday June 29 at 9.45 p.m. next to the Limoges Fine Arts Museum.

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In 2022, we declare twice as much fun, twice as much pleasure, twice as much!

And we can trust the organizers who make this festival a reference for all lovers of the circus arts.

Our favorites :

– Carré de je by the Kirn Compagnie on July 29 at 7.30 p.m. and July 30 at 8.30 p.m.

– In Bilico de la Sociale K on August 10 and 11 at 10.00

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  • Bandafolies – July 13 to 17

For 25 years, the stopover village of Bessines-sur-Gartempe in the north of Haute-Vienne has been inviting musical groups from all over France and even from around the world. For no reason some faithful would miss this weekend of celebration and music. Below discover the atmosphere of the Bandafolies in 2019 during a moment that remains etched in all the memories of festival-goers:

Favorites for 2022:

– Lous Gouyats de l’Adou named best folk dance group on France 3 during an evening presented by Cyril Féraud last March.

– The Brooklyn united marching band

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  • 1001 Notes Festival – July 23 to 30
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Our favourite: the evening of July 30

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  • Urban Empire Festival – August 25-28

Note the before Urban Empire Festival on July 16 in Boisseuil with Big Flo and Oli, while waiting at Beaublanc in Limoges: Zaz, Aldebert, Grand Corps Malade, Suzanne, Roméo Elvis, NTO…

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  • Music at the source – from July 27 to August 7

Our favorites :

– The French army choir at La Courtine Thursday 28 July at 8.00 p.m.

To the sound of the bugle! The choir of the French army proposes to awaken in you the fiber of music. Patriotic? Yes, this program certainly is. It is also playful, nostalgic, poetic, even completely wacky! It is crossed by all the energies that the History that our Republic has inspired in composers. From the indelible Chant du Départ by EN Méhul to the magnificent aria of Valentin in Faust by Gounod, this program is a true ode to the musical culture of our sweet France…

The Music at the Source team

– Duel Jean-François Zygel vs André Manoukian at Espace André Lejeune in Guéret on Sunday 6 August at 8.00 p.m.

Tack for tat fights, like a boxing match, where each of the parties redoubles their efforts to respond to the other in music. We bet that in the favorable acoustics of the André Lejeune center in Guéret, our two duettists will be able to deliver all their secret boots.

The Source Music Team

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  • Historical fresco of Bridiers – 5,6, 7 and 8 August

The Bridiers site in La Souterraine is inhabited by history. His first; then by that told each year in a historical fresco interpreted by more than 500 volunteers. This year, the Gallo-Roman era is in the spotlight. Spectators will witness the evolution from Gaul to France with special effects to sublimate a staging which is renewed every August thanks to the imagination of Jean-Noël Pinaud and the technical means of Thierry’s teams. Aladavid.

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  • Check in Party – August 19 and 20

Imagine instead: Guéret Saint Laurent aerodrome; fasten your seat belts, take-off will take place on August 19 and landing on August 20; the flight conditions are expected to be ideal. Boarding, almost immediate.

Our favourite: Chatterton fire on Saturday August 20

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The Limousin summer promises to be festive. Have a nice summer everyone with the France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine partnerships.

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