The Xunta will announce 2,628 places in 61 specialties in the 2022 education oppositions

The general director of Centers and Human Resources, Jesús Álvarez Bértolo, presented this morning to the union organizations at the sectoral table the offer of places that will be convened in this year 2022 for the education oppositions. There will be a total of 2,628 places, distributed in 61 specialties, of which more than 87% are new entrants and the rest are for internal promotion.

In the case of new entrants, 950 will be for teachers, 1,171 for secondary education, 45 for teachers of official language schools and 8 for plastic arts and design.

In the case of internal promotion, there will be 10 places for access to the body of education inspectors, 298 to access the body of secondary school teachers and the other 2 for the body of plastic arts and design.

The call for these places, which accumulate the job offers of 2021 (already approved) and 2022 (to be approved in the next Council of the Xunta), will be published before the end of the month in the Official Gazette of Galicia.

FP technical teachers

A total of 144 places corresponding to the specialties of the extinct body of technical FP teachers will be exempted from this call, a body that disappears in the new state education law and that will have to wait for the materialization that results from the publication of the FP law by part of the central government, both with regard to the specialties that will be transferred to the body of secondary school teachers and with regard to the development of the body of specialists in unique sectors of VT. In any case, these places will be approved in the public education job offer of the Xunta of 2022, in order to be able to call them as soon as possible.

As is the norm, a quota of 7% of the group will be reserved to be covered by people with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%. The distribution of places by specialties can be consulted in the attached dossier.

Standard procedure

The tests for these 2,484 places (since those of FP technical teachers cannot yet be convened) will be held in the months of June and July by the usual procedure. In this way, the opposition is given peace of mind and the legal security of the process is shielded.

In this sense, it is necessary to remember that the Ministry of Education announced in the middle of Christmas its intention to, temporarily and until 2024, make changes in the opposition system to favor interns to get a place and to reduce to 8% the temporality in teaching, a figure that Galicia already registers.

Given that the new royal decree has not yet been published, and that there are doubts about its solidity, the Xunta decided to advance the process to offer certainty to the people who are preparing the tests. In this way, Galicia becomes the first autonomous community to close and clarify the opposition system for this year, in addition to being the one with the lowest teaching interim in the State, 8%, compared to 25% on average in Spain. .

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