The world’s largest online K culture festival! “KCON: TACT 4 U” daily lineup released! A special stage by JO1 will also be shown! 6 / 19-6 / 27 Held on YouTube!

Special stage including daily appearance artist lineup of the world’s largest K culture festival “KCON: TACT 4 U” to be held from June 19th (Sat) to 27th (Sun) and a solo show by JO1 The schedule has been decided.

On Wednesday, 23rd, JO1 will unveil a special time “LOVE JAM LIVE” for “JAM” who are fans of JO1 all over the world. We have prepared a corner where you can meet the members’ natural appearance through “JO1 LOVE JAM LIVE” and various stages, and JO1 special content will be released on 21st (Monday) at “PIA LIVE STREAM” and then on 23rd (Wednesday). ) Can be viewed on the KCON Official and Mnet K-POP YouTube channels.

HA SUNG WOON, HIGHLIGHT, LOONA (girl of the month), ONEUS, P1Harmony raised the splendid curtain of “KCON: TACT 4 U” on 19th (Sat), and ACE, ASTRO, on the following 20th (Sun). fromis_9, TO1 and Weeekly will be on stage. GHOST9 will appear alone in the newly established program “KCON World Premiere” on Monday, 21st, and will hold a special live concert “GHOST9 CINEMATIC LIVE” THE PORTAL “” that makes you feel as if you are watching a movie. To do. “KCON World Premiere” is a special content newly prepared with the purpose of introducing promising K-POP artists to viewers around the world.

LOONA (girl of the month), ONF, and VERIVERY will go up to the concert stage of the virtual stadium “V DIUM x KCON: TACT 4 U” to be released on Tuesday, 22nd. “V DIUM” is a stage that realized a stadium concert with 80,000 seats using XR (virtual fusion technology). “V DIUM”, which was first released at the previous KCON: TACT, was well received by fans all over the world for its visual technology and high-quality sound that maximizes the sense of presence as if you were in an actual stadium concert. .. Band arrangements, stage performances, and behind-the-scenes footage that can only be seen on “V DIUM” will be released.
ITZY, PENTAGON, SEVENTEEN, VERIVERY and Weki Meki will be on stage on the 24th (Thursday), and CNBLUE, EVERGLOW, Golden Child, JO1 and ONF will be on stage on the 25th (Friday). IKON, SF9 and THE BOYZ will be on stage on the 26th (Sat), and BTOB, OH MY GIRL and Stray Kids will be on the stage of “KCON: TACT 4 U” on the final day, the 27th (Sun).

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1. “KCON: TACT 4 U” daily lineup
▲ June 19th (Sat): HA SUNG WOON, HIGHLIGHT, LOONA (girl of the month), ONEUS, P1Harmony
▲June 20 (Sun): ACE, ASTRO, fromis_9, TO1, Weeekly
▲ 6 月 24 日 (木): ITZY 、 PENTAGON 、 SEVENTEEN ER VERIVERY 、 Weki Meki
▲June 25 (gold): CNBLUE, EVERGLOW, Golden Child, JO1, ONF
▲ June 26 (Sat): iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ
▲June 27 (Sun): BTOB, OH MY GIRL, Stray Kids

2. “V DIUM x KCON: TACT 4 U” lineup
▲ June 22 (Tuesday): LOONA (girl of the month), ONF, VERIVERY

3. “KCON: TACT 4 U” Special Concert Schedule
▲6月21日(月): KCON World Premiere: 「GHOST9 CINEMATIC LIVE “THE PORTAL”」
▲ June 23 (Wednesday): JO1 “JO1 LOVE JAM LIVE” (scheduled to be released in advance at Ticket Pia at 21:00 on June 21 (Monday))

The world’s largest virtual K-culture festival “KCON: TACT 4 U” will be held from Saturday, June 19th to Sunday, June 27th at KCON Official ( and Mnet K-POP ( You can watch it through the YouTube channel of .com / mnet) and Pia’s online video service “PIA LIVE STREAM”. For details on “PIA LIVE STREAM”, please see Ticket Pia (


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