The world of culture calls off its 48-hour blackout


TheUnion of Actors and Actresses has called off this Friday ‘Cultural Blackout’to give “a vote of confidence “to the Government, after the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, said that they are going to “study the uniqueness of the cultural sector to adapt the general measures already taken, as well as the future ones to the specificities of the sector”.

In addition, the organization has highlighted that the minister has specified that during the next few days the Minister of Culture will convene a meeting with the “whole of the culture sector” and in which she will be present as a representative of the Ministry of Finance to hear their proposals.

For this reason, from the Union of Actors and Actresses,believe that a “vote of confidence” should be given to the Executiveand lift the ‘cultural blackout’ that they were carrying out due to the lack of measures adapted to the cultural sector and industry in this coronavirus crisis.

For the Union of Actors and Actresses, these words are “very important, they give hope to a sector whose economic recovery will be much more complicated and whose cultural workers cannot today abide by the measures taken by the Government” .“We hope that the words of the Finance Minister come true”, indicated the general secretary of the Union of Actors and Actresses after his telematic meeting with the Union’s Governing Board.


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