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Asia One: Woman pushes dog out of window during argument with husband in Beijing

In the Chinese city of Beijing, a woman threw her Labrador out of the window during a quarrel with her husband. It is reported by Asia One.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident, the Chinese woman tried twice to push the dog out of the window. The first time a husband stopped his wife and let the Labrador jump off the windowsill. She succeeded the second time. As a result, the dog fell from a height of the fourth floor onto a car parked under the house and was injured.

The dog lay motionless for more than an hour. The owners went down after him only at the request of the owner of the car. He did not demand compensation for the damage caused and asked the couple to take the dog to a veterinary clinic. The Labrador received medical attention and recovered from his injuries.

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A neighbor spoke about the incident on the social network Sina Weibo. According to him, he suggested that the quarreling couple give the dog to him.

Users of the site wrote more than 11 thousand comments. Many condemned the couple for cruelty to the dog. “What vicious these man and woman. Both are heartless and inhuman. They are animals and do not deserve to be called people, ”says one of the comments. The users also thanked the owner of the car and the neighbor for their kindness and expressed their hope that the dog will find a new home.

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