The Witch, 12 monkeys and more …

Although in June some movies and series left the Netflix catalog, it will be for him July when strong productions will no longer be renewed on your license so it will be the last chance to see them on the platform.

And it is that in June there were few titles that left the catalog, while for July will be much more and with an importance for most subscribers.

One of the contents that is leaving the streaming giant is World War Z, a film starring Brad Pitt that has gained considerable popularity since its premiere in 2013.

Also, the complete Bourne saga, The witch, 12 Monkeys, Beyond dreams, One punch-man, Mamma mia and The theory of everything also leave the online service.

Next, we mention all the series and movies that will leave Netflix and julio de 2021.

1st of July

* The witch
* Road to yesterday
* Bourne (saga completa)
* The trust
* The theory of everything
* All mighty 2
* Beyond the dreams
* Double love
* Battleship
* Hero out of the water
* Book of live 1 y 2
* If you were me
* Army of one
* Temporary family
* Split
* Wont you be my neighbor
* Casper
* World War Z
* The golden army
* Unbroken
* Danmachi: arrow of the orion
* Jack: the giant slayer
* Julius Jr.
* Keeper of darkness
* Kings
* The bamba
* Passion legends
* Crazy police academy
* Lucy
* Miami vice
* Michael
* Minority report
* The wedding day
* Winx club (season 5)
* The Auschwitz counter
* The diaryof Bridget Jones
* Moneyball
* Walk 4: the family goes to Miami
* Little Singham
* Inside man
* You carry me
* One punch-man
* 12 monkeys
* Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
* Saturday night fever
* Intimate secrets
* Pororo: the littlepenguin
* RuPaul’s drag race (temporada 9)
* It’s kind of a funny story
* Secret
* Suicide
* The code
* The feels
* Transformers
* Beverly Hills cop 1 y 2
* The city of storms

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July 2nd

* Dance academy: the comeback

* How to survive my ex

July 4th

* Simply actors
* The twilight of the light.

July 5th

* Mara.

July 6th

* Speech and debate.

July 7th

* Catwalk
* Mamma mia: here we go again
* Magi: adventure of Sinbad.

July 8

* The invitation.

July 10th

* Summer of 92.

12th of July

* Hyori’s bed and breakfast.

July 13

* So young.

July 15

* Astro boy
* Shooter
* The player
* Holydays
* Struggle
* Lusers
* Mater
* Norbit
* Hunting season
* Top gun

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